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The Democrats’ rationale for boycotting the #Benghazi committee just died

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**Posted by Phineas Oh, they might still try it, though I think they’d be dumb to do so (1), especially when Obama’s former Secretary of Defense and Deputy Director of the CIA say they welcome it: But Panetta and Morell, noting the attack has been subject to many investigations already, said they welcome the latest […]


The Selfie administration. Updated.

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**Posted by Phineas This opinion piece by Eliot Cohen, former State Department counselor during the George W. Bush administration, pulls no punches when dealing with the inadequacies of Team Obama. While European magazines suddenly wonder just “what America will fight for,” (1) Cohen advises not even asking the question, given the administration’s fundamental lack of maturity […]


Iranian women rebel against headscarves, start #MyStealthyFreedom campaign

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Now this is REAL feminism. I love it: Iranian women are posting pictures of themselves online without headscarves and racking up thousands of Facebook likes in the process, the latest challenge to Tehran’s strict morality laws mandating that women keep their hair covered in public. A Facebook page called “Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian women” showing […]


QOTD: New York Times discovers that #Obamacare “narrows choices”

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Sorta kinda finally paying attention to reality: In the midst of all the turmoil in health care these days, one thing is becoming clear: No matter what kind of health plan consumers choose, they will find fewer doctors and hospitals in their network — or pay much more for the privilege of going to any […]


#NCPOL news: Clay Aiken’s #NC02 primary opponent Keith Crisco dies at home

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Via the Asheboro Courier Tribune: ASHEBORO — Asheboro businessman and congressional candidate, Keith Crisco, 71, died suddenly at his home today. Information is incomplete; however, early information indicates he suffered injuries from a fall around 1 p.m. at his home on 1263 Thayer Drive in Asheboro. He was reported dead at the scene when emergency […]


Fox News

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Update: Nigeria weighs prisoner swap as US sends surveillance planes to find girls


Byron York

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Yep: Dems mistake 8 million sign-ups as happiness with Obamacare



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Bizarre: Judge expresses concerns over Casey Kasem’s safety



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Wowsers: CNN exclusive: Donald Sterling insists he’s no racist, still slams Magic Johnson 



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Hmm: John Boehner bans a return to earmarks