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Profiles In Courage

In Aurora #theatershooting tragedy, heroic acts remind us chivalry still exists

Most of us are fortunate enough to have never found ourselves in a desperate domestic situation where, through an act of moral cowardice on the part of evildoers, our lives and the lives of those of us around us are at risk. We’ve seen despicable acts of this nature all too often in our lifetimes – from the Columbine killing rampage, to 9-11, to the deadly Virginia Tech shooting spree which left 32 dead. In all of those horrific tragedies, our sense of grief, anger, and moral outrage envelops us and in the days and months after they occur, it is hard to see what “good” – if any – came out of such senseless brutality. Β But over time, stories emerge of bold courage and selfless heroism & sacrifice which provide some small measure of comfort in the long aftermath of unthinkable tragedies......   [Read More]