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More on Obama’s hypocrisy regarding lobbyists

Barack Obama wants people to think he’s the anti-lobbyist candidate, and runs around the country dissing both Hillary Clinton and John McCain for supposedly being “beholden” to lobbyists. However, as with most things he says, the rhetoric doesn’t match reality. I’ve documented his hypocrisy on this issue numerous times, but Newsweek reported something today that pretty much seals the deal on just how hypocritical and duplicitous the Obama campaign has been on this issue:.....   [Read More]

Barack Obama’s ties to lobbyists and special interests

This is a continuation of a post I wrote yesterday about Barack Obama’s false claim that his campaign is "responsible only to the people."  I know I have been writing about BO a lot lately, but that’s because I think it is imperative that the whole truth and nothing but the truth gets out about the man who could be our next president.  He’s not being completely upfront with the American people, and we all know his devotees in the press will faithfully continue to carry his water, so it’s up to "citizen journalists" to help spread the word.  Many are already doing so, and it is no burden for me whatsoever to aid in that effort.  .....   [Read More]