A return to Wild West style justice …

… I’m an advocate for that, for five minutes at least, so this guy can have the crap beat out him by Detective Sample, the man this creep stomped on repeatedly during the RNC protests earlier this week:

Cop stomping suspect caught in same clothes

Cops nabbed a demonstrator suspected of stomping a detective after they spotted him in Union Square last night – clad in the same clothes as the night before.

Sgt. David Rolon and Detective Rafael Pagan arrested Jamal Holiday, 19, of Manhattan, after two other cops said they recognized him wearing a white T-shirt and the same maroon-and-white Anaheim Angels baseball cap.

“I couldn’t believe he was just walking around wearing the same clothes,” Pagan, 34, an 11-year veteran, told the Daily News. “Your blood rushes and your heart races. You just want to get the guy.”

As the cops handcuffed him, Holiday protested, “Why am I being locked up?” the cops said. Holiday was charged with assaulting a police officer.

Detective William Sample ended up in the hospital Monday night after being attacked. Earlier, Sample told a union official who visited him at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, “I’m hurting, but I want to catch the guy.”

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