Acting like a Dem will doom Pirro

So says Bill Hammond, in today’s NY Daily News:

ALBANY – The biggest problem with the launch of Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro’s campaign against Sen. Hillary Clinton wasn’t the flubbed speeches, the balky microphones or the embarrassing revelations about campaign donors with mob connections.
It was her utter lack of substance.

Pirro’s announcement speech – when she finally got it out – included a boilerplate pledge to debate ideas, not engage in personal attacks.

“Hillary Clinton is going to have to campaign on substance and the merits of the issues,” she said.

Which would be great – if only Pirro and Clinton had something to argue about. Both support the war in Iraq. Both oppose gay marriage but favor civil unions. Both like gun control and legalized abortion.

The one area of clear disagreement is taxes. Clinton opposed President Bush’s tax cuts, and Pirro said she would vote to make them permanent.

“I’m Republican red on fiscal policy … but I’ve got broad blue stripes on the social issues,” she said.

The worst thing she could find to say about Clinton last week is that the former First Lady might run for President in 2008. As if the fact that Clinton ranks among the most popular Democrats in the country should count against her.

The Republican leaders rallying behind Pirro seem to think the best way to defeat Democrats in this blue state is to act just like them. There are at least two flaws in this strategy: Their candidate will lose the Conservative Party endorsement, without which no Republican has won statewide office in recent history. And voters who gave Clinton the majority last time won’t have any good reason to jump ship.

He makes some good points, but I often wonder – as it relates to NY politics – if a truly conservative Republican ever could get elected there. I’m not a New Yorker so I don’t know their complete election history, but on the surface it seems that the only Republicans who can get elected there are moderate to liberal Republicans, so maybe someone from NY could weigh in on this and give me their thoughts?

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