Quite possibly the most ridiculous poll ever

I’m sure the results of this poll will absolutely shock you.  It will take you the entire weekend to recover.   The shocking details:

An overwhelming number of people say critics of the Iraq war should be free to voice their objections — a rare example of widespread agreement about a conflict that has divided the nation along partisan lines.

Nearly three weeks after a grieving California mother named Cindy Sheehan started her anti-war protest near President Bush’s Texas ranch, nine of 10 people surveyed in an AP-Ipsos poll say it’s OK for war opponents to publicly share their concerns about the conflict.

"Part of the Constitution is the First Amendment," said Mike Malone, a salesman from Odessa, Fla. "We have the right to disagree with the government."

Somebody round up all those people calling for dissent over the war to be stifled! 

If you can find anyone who actually advocated that sort of thing, anyway. 

Sarcasm aside, the polling folks (like so many others, mostly on the left) have mischaracterized the issue of dissent during war as being one of stifling it completely, when no one who is thinking clearly has advocated for anti-war folks to just shut up (of course they may have said it one or two times out of frustration, but that’s understandable).  I’ll say once again that the issue is not about the right to say anything, but whether or not it’s right to say it in the way it’s being said (re: anti-war protests).  Big difference.

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