Counter protests at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

I blogged earlier this week about the CNS News report on anti-war protesters who had positioned themselves outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  From that CNS article we learned:

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., the current home of hundreds of wounded veterans from the war in Iraq, has been the target of weekly anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read "Maimed for Lies" and "Enlist here and die for Halliburton."

The anti-war demonstrators, who obtain their protest permits from the Washington, D.C., police department, position themselves directly in front of the main entrance to the Army Medical Center, which is located in northwest D.C., about five miles from the White House.

Among the props used by the protesters are mock caskets, lined up on the sidewalk to represent the death toll in Iraq.

Code Pink Women for Peace, one of the groups backing anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan’s vigil outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas, organizes the protests at Walter Reed as well.

That same day, a reader (Jay) emailed me to inform me that counter protests had been going on there as well for quite some time.   Well, as a follow up to that, here’s a link to Cam Edwards’ blog, which has photos of Cam’s visit to the hospital as well as some great commentary (hat tip: Michelle Malkin).  You’ll find more photos from the goings on outside of Walter Reed  hospital at The Gunn Nut.  Blackfive provides an update from a reader here, and includes a link to a fiery post from Matthew Heidt at Froggy Ruminations, who has a few words he wants to say to anti-war protesters, whether they be in Crawford or standing outside of Water Reed Army Medical Center.

My hat is off to the counter-protests attendees.  Keep fighting the good fight!

I’m outta here again – for the rest of the day (hey, it’s Saturday! I can’t blog all day everyday emoticon).  Any new comments submitted will be read over and approved (unless they were made by trolls/spammers) for posting when I return.  I just released a few comments I also need to respond to but will also do that later.  Until then, you guys have a great Saturday – get out there and enjoy yourselves!

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