Bill O’Reilly’s ‘controversial’ remarks

Cal over at California Conservative takes on those who are harshly condemning recent remarks Bill O’Reilly made after the election in San Francisco, an election which saw a majority of voters there choose to vote against military recruiting of young people as well as for a major gun ban. The spin from the mediots and other critics of O’Reilly’s comments is that he was encouraging Al Qaeda to blow up the Coit Tower in SF. He was not. Cal’s comments:

NOTE: For the reading impaired, Bill O’Reilly is NOT (in no way) suggesting or recommending that anyone “blow up” Coit Tower. However, based on San Francisco’s insistence to alienate itself from the rest of America — i.e. legalizing homosexual marriages (with the Mayor himself presiding), promoting public S&M exhibitionism, harboring left-wing extremists, legalizing marijuana, holding a defiant middle-finger up to the U.S. military, banning legal gun ownership and recruiting for our armed forces — O’Reilly is simply pointing out that, given the City’s disrespect for homeland security (let alone personal security), “Baghdad by the Bay” should be the last place deserving of defense. San Francisco can use its liberal arrogance to fend for itself.

Spot on.

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