Is Rep. Murtha really a “hawk” as the media has been claiming?

Mary Madigan over at Dean’s World writes a convincing case that he is not.

So does Jason at Generation Why?

Newsbusters asks: Will the Mainstream Media Cover the Story of Murtha and Clinton on Somalia?

Methinks the media is doing what it does best: pumping up the supposed hawk credentials of Murtha in order to give his call for immediate withdrawal more credibility. See, when the media believes in what someone is doing or advocating against a Republican, they will do everything in their power to convince you that person is beyond reproach. They did it with Ronnie Earle (remember the ‘but he’s prosecuted more Ds than Rs’ stories?), they have done it with Patrick Fitzgerald, and now it appears they are doing it with Representative Murtha.

Note: To anyone who thinks to suggest it, let me just say it now: I am not questioning Rep. Murtha’s patriotism. I am questioning his positions. Big difference.

Oh, and BTW, that supposedly “new” attack regarding Murtha and the questionable awarding of lucrative defense contracts on his behalf his brother the lobbyist? Well, they aren’t “new” attacks. This allegation has been out there since June of of this year. The Dems want you to think this is a “fresh” charge trumped up ‘in retaliation’ for Murtha’s advocation of immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Don’t believe them.

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