Political correctness and Christmas

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With that said, I’m logging off now for a bit do some Christmas shopping. Got to get some Christmas cards, too (am behind on that this year). Will be back later this afternoon or early evening.

Merry Christmas :d

PM Update:

Americans demanding end to generic holiday
Sensitivity has taken the fun from Christmas, many say

If this were allowed to continue, we’d soon be stringing “holiday” lights on the “holiday” tree, wishing each other “Merry Winter” and going “celebration” shopping at the department store’s Seasons’ Greetings sale.

But now, after years of all this “holiday” grinching, Americans are revolting and demanding Christmas back.

This week, fury erupted after the White House Christmas card omitted the word Christmas yet again, including wishes instead for a happy “holiday season.” advertisement

Retailers facing boycotts over a lack of Christmas signage have caved, with Lowe’s agreeing to take down “holiday tree” signs and Target on Friday agreeing to use “Christmas” in its advertisements.

The glittering spruce on the Capitol lawn in Washington reclaimed its Christmas tree title this year after a decade as a generic “holiday” monument.

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