Did Bush brainwash America on Iraq?

It seems that Chris Matthews last night on Hardball was trying to get Republican Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to ‘admit’ that the President brainwashed us all as to the threat from Iraq.

I believe it’s Chris Matthews who’s been brainwashed, because apparently he hasn’t seen this poll roundup (via the Washington Post) taken over the course of two years where the American people by and large – and way BEFORE the President started talking about going into Iraq – believed Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9-11 … and the numbers actually went *down* over the course of two years by a few points. And as far as WMD goes, well, we’ve already clearly established that it wasn’t just this President and this Congress who believed that Saddam Hussein was a WMD threat to the international community.

Chris Matthews should retitle his show “Welcome to the Spin Zone”, methinks.

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