The pro-Tookie vigil

I don’t really think anything I write would do the following photos (from a pro-Tookie Williams vigil on Dec. 12) justice. Methinks they speak for themselves.

(Thanks to FT for the heads up)

AM Update I: Patterico blogs about a LA Times article that talks about a California legislature proposal to postpone all executions in CA for years and notes an interesting tidbit in the the story about some comments made by someone who strongly opposes the death penalty based on, in part, the “graphic details” associated with putting someone to death. Consider that post a must-read.

AM Update II: John Hawkins at Right Wing News blogs about a post written by The Huffington Post’s RJ Eskow comparing the execution of Tookie Williams – to the Crucifixion. I kid you not. (Hat tip to Jim at bRight and Early)

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