The Iraqis are voting – December 15, 2005

Awesome! Iraq the Model is blogging the vote so make sure to check their election day post often for updates and photos.

No word yet on what Howard Dean thinks of the democratic process taking place there today – yet.

PM Update: Voting was extended for an hour in Iraq thanks to the high turnout. (Hat tip: California Conservative)

Michelle Malkin has an Iraq election link roundup.

Update II: Mickey Kaus references a post from Juan Cole in which Cole states the following:

The only way the vote will happen at all is that the US military has forbidden all vehicular traffic, so everyone has to walk for the next few days. This tactic prevents carbombings from disrupting the elections, but it is a desperate measure and not a sign of an election that could be certified as free and fair.

Riiiight. If it wasn’t this it’d be something else that signified to the usual suspects the elections “could not be certified as free and fair.”

(Hat tip: Ace)

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