Bush ratings up – trend continues

Now if Karl Rove were to be indicted tomorrow, Bush’s ratings would fall into neverland and if OBL were caught tomorrow the ratings would skyrocket, but for now, they’re on a steady trend upward, with his latest approval rating at 49% per the latest Rasmussen poll.

Back on the 19th, Bush’s approval was at 47% per an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

On December 1st, according to a Fox News poll, Bush’s ratings began the rise as 42% of those polled said they approved of the job the President was doing – a month prior to that he had a 36% approval rating per a Fox News poll.

I think the elections in Iraq, coupled with a strong offensive on the President’s part to counter the attacks against him and the war on terror coming mostly from Democrats and their pals in the liberal media have helped to turn his numbers around a great deal.

I just went to check out the trends at Polling Report.com and it looks like they haven’t updated the trends section since the 18th. Very interesting to see that what they do have there shows two polls taken at roughly the same time – they reference the WashPost/ABCNews poll where his ratings were at 47% and then there is a CNN poll that has him at 41% as of the 18th.

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