The terrorists must be smiling

… considering all the setbacks this week that have happened in the war on terror, thanks to the liberal media, former admin and intelligence agency employees with an axes to grind against the President, and politicians on both sides of the aisle (including the President) who seem to believe that being politically correct on the issue of the ‘torture law’ (as well as the Patriot Act) trumps our national security. A recap:

Our men and women overseas can and do fight the good fight every day of their lives over in Iraq and Afghanistan – and they are winning. But here on the homefront, we are losing: thanks to the politics of fighting the war on terror in a politically correct era chock full of politicians (mostly Dems) who want to look good in front of the cameras rather than take a strong – and TRUTHFUL – stand and sticking to it, a 24-7 liberal news media environment (and second-guessing-defeatist Democrats) that magnifies the negative things in the war on terror while barely mentioning the positive, and so-called “civil liberties advocates” who do nothing but their best to push back the very laws that the President either had put in place or existing laws he had strengthened to protect us in the war on terror in the aftermath of 9-11.

How incredibly frustrating.

Somewhere, the terrorists are smiling.

Read more via La Shawn Barber and Michelle Malkin – both ladies have excellent posts up about this.

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