The big move just hours away

In about 7 or 8 hours the movers will be here to start hauling my stuff to my new townhome.

The closing went well on Wednesday – of course it didn’t go completely smooth (do they ever?) but thank goodness the paper signing is behind me. I did some last minute packing tonight and honestly, once I unpack at the townhome I don’t want to see another box for a reaaaaaaally long time LOL. I ache everywhere due to all the lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, bending, etc that you generally have to do when you’re cleaning out and packing up years worth of stuff. When this is all over I’m going to find the nearest licensed masseur for an hour of pampering. I need it after the last two weeks.

After this post, I likely won’t be back online til either late Friday or sometime Saturday (assuming I can get on dialup at the townhome – yes, I have to go back to dialup until Earthlink completes my line transfer …. sigh – and this is also assuming the phone company does their part in transferring my phone number today to my new address. I really hope that there are no issues with that because I really don’t like dealing with my local phone company). In the meantime, consider this an open post to blog about what’s on your mind.

To any newbies, comments here are on partial moderation and if you are new, your post won’t show up until I approve it. If you are a regular and your comment doesn’t show up right away, it’s likely due to a partial word or name used in your post that is causing it to be delayed in moderation. Don’t worry – I’ll release it as soon as I get a chance to log back on. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on emails too this weekend as I can only take so much packing and unpacking at one time and will look fwd to taking a break from it to log online to check in here and in email (assuming all goes well with the phone company).



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