“Blackberries for dummies”

It seems like everyone I know is either getting a Blackberry or thinking about getting one. Would someone please explain to me what a Blackberry is, what it does, and whether or not it’s simple to use? There’s no “Blackberries for dummies” book that I can buy (thank I know of LOL) so I need the help of those familiar with it.

Sidenote: Wish me luck – this evening I get to find out whether or not I have DSL again. Been on dialup since I moved and while it’s good to have a back up way of getting online, well – you know how I feel about that ;) Earthlink has told me that I should be up and running with DSL “by the 27th.” So I’ll be checking this evening to see if they have me set up to have DSL again.

Update 6:53 PM: I’ve got DSL again \:d/

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