Vets For Freedom

Afghanistan war veteran Sgt. Mark Seavy and some of his fellow war veterans have started up a website committed to helping get out the *full* story of what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq, instead of the half-baked stories we get out of the mainstream press.

Find out more about their mission here. Who are the founders of Vets For Freedom? This page will tell ya. Quite a distinguished group of gents! I just signed up to get on their mailing list for updates …. if you’re interested in doing the same, sign up by clicking here.

Best of luck to Sgt. Seavy and all the vets at Vets For Freedom on getting out the full story of what our men and women are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq! I’ll be around to help spread the word right here in my little corner of the blogosphere :)

Related: Check out Gateway Pundit’s list of quotes from Iraq war critics where he notes how their rhetoric hasn’t matched up with reality. (Hat tip: Dean Esmay)

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