Well at least she’s not talking about a “chocolate” New Orleans

The Whistler at the Say Anything blog has a post up about New Orleans mayoral candidate Kimberly Williamson Butler regarding the photo she has up on her official website. Apparently, it’s a photo of her at Disneyland – with the Disneyland trash can Photoshopped out.

Wonkette has more, including a related post that provides some, shall we say, ‘interesting’ info on Butler. They quoted a story from NOLA.com:

Ending one strange political saga by starting another, the clerk of New Orleans Criminal District Court, Kimberly Williamson Butler, surrendered herself to an irate criminal court judge Friday morning after a week of ignoring court orders and arrest warrants, and then walked outside the courthouse to announce her candidacy for mayor.

In comments leading up to the surprise announcement, Butler said she had “grown” over her past week in seclusion, and that her mercurial political career makes her uniquely qualified to relate to common folk, including those who have been fired and accused of breaking the law.

The charge:

Criminal District Court judges had sought Butler’s arrest after she defied a court order to transfer the authority over her office’s FEMA application and the cleanup of its flooded property room to an outside judge, appointed to take on that task by the state Supreme Court.

The kicker: she was a former ‘top official’ in Mayor Ray “choclate city” Nagin’s administration:

“When I got kicked out of City Hall, when I got fired, people told me, you know Ms. Butler, I can relate to that,” said the former top official in Mayor Ray Nagin’s administration. “Now, all of a sudden, I’ve had to stand in court, and I can identify with people that had to stand in court. All of a sudden, I can identify with people who have been falsely accused. I can identify with people who have made mistakes and had to stand before judges.”


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