California primary

My friend Cal over at California Conservative is blogging extensively (more here from Gary Gross) about Tuesday’s primary in California. Make sure to check in there for the latest news and info on the results.

I know there were at least two propositions on the table, and the person who will be running against Ahhhhnold this fall was picked (that race is very close, last I checked). I’ve got a lot of west coast readers, and hopefully some of ’em will check in and give us their thoughts on the outcome of Tuesday’s primaries.

More: Iowa Voice has a few links up on election results as well.

Wed. AM Update I: In the race to fill the seat vacated by corrupt Republican Rep. Duke Cunningham, Republican Brian Bilbray defeated Democrat Francine Busby. Busby is the candidate best known for recently being caught saying to a group of Spanish-speaking people: “You don’t need papers for voting.”

Betsy Newmark on Bilbray’s win:

The spin will be about how close the election was and how much money the GOP had to pour into the district to keep what should have been a sure bet for them. Bilbray won a smaller percent of the vote than Cunningham had won. The GOP did have a scare put into them with this race.

However, I think that the election will send a different message. Bilbray ran a firm campaign in favor of beefing up border security. With Busby’s gaffe telling a supporter that “you don’t need papers to vote” this election was about immigration more than it was about Cunningham’s corruption. And that was not a winning message for the Democrat. Do you think that Bilbray is going to the Congress and going to vote for citizenship for illegal aliens? Not when he has another election coming up in five months. And other House members will take note.


In other California primary news, state Treasurer Phil Angelides is the lucky one who will get to face Ahhhnold in this fall’s gubernatorial election.

Via the LATimes: Prop 82 – the ‘free’ universal pre-school proposition, failed. It looks like Prop 81 (library bond measure) failed as well.

Update II: Busby’s loss is being spun as a ‘moral victory’ by the DNC – sound familiar?

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