My take on the DCCC ad controversy

The last few days have seen a flurry of outrage expressed by Republicans over a recent Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad which showed an image of the flag-draped coffins of US troops being transported back home (view the ad here).   Because of the condemnations expressed towards the DCCC by Republicans over the ad, it has now been pulled (hat tip: Allah).

My thoughts on the ad are this: first, it’s not surprising, because it shows that Democrats will do whatever they can to make it look like the war in Iraq is a failure because I think they know that if the perception is that we’ve lost in Iraq, then they ‘win’ because that makes their doom and gloom attitude towards Iraq appear to be right.  They are raising money on the backs of dead American troops by saying that those troops died for a lie.  It’s a rather sad commentary on the Democratic policy towards winning in Iraq (one of many).

I wish they’d have continued to run the ad, because I think it really shows the true colors of the radical anti-war left.

Updated to add: For any liberal out there wondering why I won’t go the moral equivalence route with this ad versus the one Republicans ran with the brief image of a flag-draped coffin being carried at Ground Zero, wonder no more: there is no equivalence between the two.  The President’s ad was a reminder of the consequences we suffer from inaction, and how we need to make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes again.  The ad had a clear ‘stay the course’ message, while the Democratic ad projected the same old "sky is falling" defeatist negative attitude we’ve gotten from Democrats ad nauseam since Bush "stole" the election. 

And if Democrats want to be honest with with themselves, they should to admit that the reason they objected to that ad was not because they were offended by the idea of showing a flag-draped coffin (obviously they’re not, with the now-pulled ad standing as proof of that) but instead because seeing that flag-draped coffin was a reminder that 9-11 happened, something they seem to want only view as a distant memory – and furthermore, the ad was a reminder that since 9-11, Bush proved himself to be an effective leader in fighting Islamofascists like those who flew the planes into our buildings.  That ad reminded Democrats of Bush’s strengths. 

Big no no – to them, of course.

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