Is Howard Dean an anti-Semite?

Yesterday, I noted the blogosphere buzz about the latest moonbat-esque rantings of DNC Chair Howie “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggh!” Dean. One such rant was his accusation that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was an “anti-Semite” for not condemning Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel.

What I’d like to know is, how can Dr. Dean claim moral authority on supporting Israel when, while he was campaigning for President, he danced with a supporter while wearing a black and white kaffiyeh, the symbol of Palestinian resistance?

Hmmm …

PM Update: James Taranto rightly notes what all this criticism coming from Dems is about: they’re trying to emphatically demonstrate that they are ‘strong supporters’ of Israel by condemning al-Maliki.

As a sidenote, wasn’t it Dean, Kerry, and others who repeatedly asserted during the 2003/2004 campaign season that Bush was a failure at diplomacy? Yes – it was. I wonder in what way the DNC could spin Dean’s accusation that al-Maliki is an “anti-Semite” into an example of proper diplomacy?

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