Friday’s Hot Air Vent with Jeff Goldstein

This week’s guest Vents over at Hot Air have been fun to watch, and the male rightie blogosphere has been enjoying them in more ways than one, judging by the comments section to today’s Vent (with realVerse‘s Bethany) and Monday’s Vent with NC’s own Mary Katharine Ham.

Jeff Goldstein (who everyone who frequently visits this blog knows is someone I consider the ‘best of the best‘ in the very crowded political blogosphere, where it’s difficult to stand out) will be doing a guest-Vent episode on Friday. Since all of the Vent attention this week has gone to the cool ladies who have guest-Vented, I thought I’d give a little promo of my own (for what it’s worth) as a reminder for other Goldstein fans that he’s going to be guest-Venting Friday so make sure to check it out.

I’m sure for the rightie ladies in the blogosphere, the Vent will be as visually pleasing as it is intellectually stimulating. So at last, there will be some ‘eye candy balance’ at Hot Air, too ;)

Update 3:07 PM: Speaking of Goldstein, here’s the latest on what’s going on legally with his psycho stalker Deb Frisch. (Thanks once again to Greg Tinti)

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