Yet one more nutcase in (leftist) academia

Posted by: ST on July 7, 2006 at 9:03 pm

This time, the particular nutcase in question took out her hatred out on the cat’s meow of the blogosphere: Jeff Goldstein.

The things this “academic” wrote to Jeff ranks in the top five for the nastiest, sickest BS I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

Jeff’s post is titled, appropriately, “More from the tolerant left.”

Sat PM Update: The nutcase in question has resigned from the University of Arizona (Hat tip: Patterico)


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6 Responses to “Yet one more nutcase in (leftist) academia”


  1. camojack says:

    Lefties in Academia?

    Business as usual, unfortunately… :-@

  2. Lorica says:

    I was just reading this. More of the tolerant left I see. Goldstein needs to contact the FBI. According to an update at Jeff’s site is under a denial of service. I just tried to get on his site while I made breakfast, for 20 mins did not get on. These people are just lost in their hate. – Lorica

  3. Lorica says:

    LOL I just read all of this woman’s left wing lunitic rantings on her blog. LOL Can you spell HYPOCRITE??? I kept thinking “Hellooooo Pot this is the kettle”. Even tho she has resigned from U of A, she will still be teaching in Oregan. It is amazing how even when these people come to their senses, they are still out of their minds. I pray this woman gets help, she needs it. She should contact James Dobson, she is in real need. =)) – Lorica

  4. Severian says:

    And note the DDOS attack against Goldstein’s site. That’s just more of the luv that flows from the left’s “free speech” advocates. This is completely reprehensible, but typical.

    I cannot condone ANY such tactics, cyber terrorism, cyber stalking, cyber attacks to silence opponents. Believe me, I’ve worked in infowarfare, I just changed job areas after spending over 4 years working on computer forensics, digital evidence, and infowar, and I am perfectly capable, both by myself, and with the cooperation of a few like minded individuals, of shutting down just about any left wing site I might care to. But they sit there, safe, secure, and totally immune to any attack by me because I, unlike so many on the left who are doing this (and it’s getting worse and worse) have a sense of ethics. This is also the common attitude among the right, and particularly among us who have worked in info security. People who do this are like people who throw nails in the road, malcontents who like to screw up the system for everyone, the proper functioning of the net and the free flow of ideas won’t work if people are constantly engaging in such petty activities.

    This is a prime example of how much a person really believes in the founding concepts of this country, such as free speech. The left, once again, shows us that if they get into power it’s 1984 with a multicultural twist. >:p

  5. – We forwarded all her posts in several threads to the FBI AIC in the portland office. There was some speculation that it might be a poser using her name, but the evendence weighs heavily in her direction. Apperently she has been caught stalking other fellow professors in the past. This is one time she’s caught red handed in the most vile of threats, involving a child, so it would be justified if they really lower the boom on her. Apparently she’d enlisted the aid of some fellow “traveling moonbats” to launch a DOS on Jeff’s site, but either way she’s, and her braindead buds are in for some interesting times.

    – Bang **==

  6. Big Bang Hunter says:

    – Also a few of the Lefty websites, after gaining a more complete understanding of just what this whacko did are condemning her actions. The things she posted are so vile that even they don’t want to be associated with her comments. Rumor has it the Dr. has resigned her teaching post at the U. of Arizona, and moved to Oregon. That state is quickly becoming Haight Ashbury North.

    – Bang **==