Weds open thread – and talent show ;)

Maybe we can get a ‘talent show’ theme going in this thread today. Just came across this video at YouTube of a guy who was able to match up all the color sides of a Rubik’s Cube in 25 seconds … with one hand:


Not earthshattering, I know, but still cool.

Now, with that in mind, how about naming your special talent? Almost everyone has one. Just one request: keep it clean, please. There are some hidden ‘talents’ (or maybe not so hidden!) that your blogstress does not want to know about ;)

ST blog factoid: My Sitemeter reached 300,000 in early June. The majority of those 300K visits came between June of last year and June of this year. Looks like it will be ticking up to 400,000 this weekend, which means in less than 2 months I’ve had a sharp increase (in comparison to the last year) in daily visits. Thanks, ya’ll!

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