Moonbats swarm MSNBC poll about Bush comparing this war to WWII

I’m close to some serious make-a-sailor-blush cursing over this one. Here’s the question (asked alongside this article):

Do you agree with President Bush when he likens the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism with the fight against Nazis and communists? * 94533 responses

Note the number of responses above. Now, here are the results as of 4:02 PM Eastern time (emphasis added):

Yes. Bin Laden and others are the Hitlers and Stalins of our times. 41%

Maybe. But I’m going to need some more convincing one way or the other.4.3%

No. This is just dishonest, warmongering designed to scare voters about national security in time for this fall’s elections. 55%

Could these people be anymore mind-numbingly pathetic? I include MSNBC in that because what the hell kind of “no” answer is that? Why wasn’t there a simple “no, I don’t believe the comparison is an accurate one” and leave it at that??

Let MSNBC know what you think of this loaded poll:

BTW, would someone be kind enough to get a screencap of that poll and email it to me (downsized a bit)? I can’t do it here at the 8-5.

Update 4:50 PM: Allah’s just blogged about it. Good. This poll needs all the attention the blogosphere can give to it.

Update 8:48 PM: Here’s a screencap of the poll (thanks to Chuck):

MSNBC poll

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