The MTV Music Awards once again becomes a political stumping ground

Ok, so I know that we’re talking about the hard-to-take-seriously MTV here, but still … did you hear about last night’s award show, where Al Gore appeared on stage and talked about —global warming?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since the MTV crowd has long been a target of the Gore/Clinton types, but at the Music Awards? Did Gore sing about global warming? Perhaps promo a new global warming music video? Yes, I know – the very thought of either of those is enough to make one want to head for the hills and hide, but I guess I’m just trying to figure out how a visit by Gore fit in with the dancing, singing, bumping, and grinding that usually goes on at the MTV Music Awards.

In 2004, John Kerry’s daughters appeared on the show and were booed. I guess the MTV crowd didn’t appreciate their night of music and fun being interupted by a political speech, even if it was from two people who were much more personable than John Kerry himself. I wonder what the reaction to Gore was last night. Anyone watch?

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