Pathetic individuals post homemade stingray videos for ‘laughs’ at YouTube

You’d think people would show a little more sensitivity about this but for the idiotic it’s just another opportunity to score a laugh – at the expense of someone’s death.

I was at YouTube tonight looking for a music vid to post here, and a link to one labelled “Steve Irwin’s last video” popped up at the end of the music vid I watched. You know it’s not real, because no video of Steve’s final moments has been released (I hope it’s not, either). The ‘faux video’ has had nearly 44,000 hits but thankfully the viewer rating on it was low. There’s also one called “Steve vs. Stingray” which has had nearly 10,000 hits but the viewer rating on that one is low as well.

Have they no sense of decency?

Speaking of no sense – of decency or otherwise – Senator Harry Reid quoted newly crowned hero of the Nutrootians Keith “have you no sense of decency? ” Olbermann on the floor of the Senate today.

Isn’t THAT special?

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