Olbermann solidifies his standing with the Nutroots, calls for Bush impeachment

And complained about Bush ‘crimes against the 9-11’ victims last night on the ‘special comment’ segment of his program. I caught a few seconds of it while flipping through channels, and thought to myself “well, at long last, Olbie’s finally found himself an audience.”

Read a recap and see video of Olbie’s rant here.

Olbie’s ‘words of wisdom’ can be read here.

By the way, want to see how the Nutroots remembered 9-11 yesterday? James Joyner recaps. Hint: You won’t be surprised. Greg Tinti snagged a screencap of how the Daily Kos blog remembered 9-11 before they changed it.

Interested in a more uplifting message? Here’s a flashback to Jules Crittenden’s Psalm 9-11: I will fear no evil column. You’ll find it refreshing and inspiring, especially after reading and watching new Nutroots proxy Olbermann playing to his newfound fans on the far left.

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