Rhode Island primary: Chafee vs. Laffey

Results should start rolling in in about 15 minutes for the Rhode Island primary. The primary is of interest to Republicans who are wanting to see who wins between the liberal Republican Lincoln Chafee and the more conservative Republican Stephen Laffey.

Oddly, for all the grief that Chafee has given Republicans the last several years, the GOP has thrown their weight behind him, because they feel Laffey is ‘too conservative’ and wouldn’t be able to defeat whoever his Democratic opponent will be. I also heard on the radio today that if Laffey happens to win, that the GOP will not aid him in trying to defeat his Democratic opponent. I’ve not been able to find a news story on that though – if I do find one, I’ll update this post with the info.

Update I 9:12 PM: This news site is reporting: Chafee wins 55% to 45% – but I’m not sure if that’s accurate, because every single percentage there is 55% to 45%. Hmm. Stay tuned, and keep refreshing this link just in case, because I’m having doubts about the results from the ABC6 site.

Update II 9:32 PM: Scratch that ABC6 link. It wasn’t accurate. Also, here’s another link to check for Chafee/Laffey results. Seems to be updating quicker (make sure you refresh).

Update III 9:39 PM: Another Senate primary to watch: Cardin vs. Mfume in Maryland (hat tip: Allah). Note: There were some polling place ‘glitches‘ in Montgomery County and Baltimore today – voting hours were extended for those two areas as a result.

Update IV 9:48 PM: Here’s a better link (scroll) for the Cardin/Mfume race (the other one wouldn’t load for me).

Update V 9:54 PM: The ABC6 site link is ok to visit now, so you can use that as an alternate/backup link for the Chafee/Laffey race.

Update VI 9:59 PM: Latest results from Rhode Island (all caps theirs):

59% of 515 Reporting – LINCOLN CHAFEE 21,120 54% / STEPHEN LAFFEY 18,334 46%

Update VII 10:02 PM: 62% of 515 Reporting – LINCOLN CHAFEE 21,879 53% / STEPHEN LAFFEY 19,099 47%

Update VIII 10:21 PM: Methinks Chafee’s got this one wrapped up:

78% of 515 Reporting – LINCOLN CHAFEE 26,307 54% / STEPHEN LAFFEY 22,719



98% of 515 Reporting – LINCOLN CHAFEE 33,685 54% / STEPHEN LAFFEY 29,276 46%

The Cardin/Mfume primary is still anyone’s guess. Results as of right now:

435 of 1,787 precincts reporting (24%) – Ben Cardin 50,382 45% / Kweisi Mfume 41,368 37%

Looks like it’s going to be a long night on that one. Too long for me. I’m headed to bed. G’nite.

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