House panel stands with Bush on detainee interrogations

A refreshing change from the grandstanding going on in the Senate. It wasn’t easy, though. Reuters reports:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In an abrupt reversal, a U.S. House of Representatives committee narrowly voted on Wednesday to endorse President George W. Bush’s plan for tough interrogations and trials of foreign terrorism suspects after Republicans rounded up enough members.

About an hour earlier, the House Judiciary Committee rejected Bush’s plan, with three Republicans joining committee Democrats. Embarrassed Republicans then summoned absent members, called for another vote, and approved it 20-19.

Bush’s bill, which critics said would result in inhumane interrogations and unfair trials, has met even stiffer resistance in the Senate, and the White House is trying to work out a compromise.

If the WH and Senate can’t come to a compromise, let’s hope Senator Bill Frist doesn’t forget his pledge to filibuster the ‘maverick’ Republicans version of this plan. Want to let your Senator know where you stand on detainee interrogations? Here’s a good starting point.

Related Update: Greg Tinti was on the ball this evening and has video of ABC News Chief Brian Ross’s claim on O’Reilly tonight that CIA sources have confirmed to him that certain aggressive interrogations have actually helped thwart AQ plots.

So much for the ‘torture doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ theory (that is, if you consider sleep deprivation and waterboarding ‘torture’ for suspected terrorists).


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