How dare the bastard!

Just got done watching the lowlights from Chavez’s speech to the UN today. The bastard has some nerve stepping on to American soil and calling the President “el diablo” repeatedly right after holding up his ‘recommended’ reading of a book (Hegemony and Survival) by America hater Noam Chomsky! And shame on the worthless pieces of crap in the audience who enthusiastically applauded at the end of Chavez’s speech. I’m surprised I didn’t see Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean in the front row, joining in.

The UN is a damn JOKE. They’re nothing but a bunch of toothless piranas. All of them!

Update I: Here’s a transcript of Chavez’s speech.

Update II: Why does this NOT surprise me? (Hat tip: ST reader Severian)

Update III: Here’s Hitch’s take on Chavez’s speech.


Speaking of the UN, the lone voice of reason – John Bolton – needs to be confirmed. Click here to find out how to put pressure on your Senator to help do just that.

Disclaimer: I have a paid ad on my site that supports John Bolton (the one that currently reads ‘stop Democrat obstruction’ – it’s a rotating ad), but my comments are of my own free will. I support his nomination wholeheartedly.

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