TGIF – Friday open thread

‘ello :)

Update: Here’s a little misc. rambling:

— I feel like I’m coming down with something. Have had a frog in my throat most of the week, have coughed and sneezed some as well – it’s been worse this evening than any other point during the week. I think my immune system is down. This is what being too busy for your own good, not eating when you should, stressing, and not getting enough sleep does to you!

— Tomorrow is the first ‘official’ day of fall, but it’s felth fall-ish all week here. My favorite season has arrived. I dig the cooler weather, watching the colors of the leaves change, the smell of the air, the fact that all sorts of sports fun starts, like the beginning of the NFL season and the NHL as well.

— Speaking of, less than two weeks to go before the NHL hockey season starts … can’t help but be reminded of the end of last year’s season:


The ‘Canes play their season opener at home against the Sabres on October 4th. Here’s the NHL schedule for October.

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