Hysterical revisionism

Noel Sheppard writes the best piece yet contradicting Clinton’s outbursts against Fox News’ Sunday host Chris Wallace. He also makes a point worth mentioning, and one I hadn’t considered until now:

Just imagine President Bush speaking this way to a member of the media when he is being grilled either during a press conference, or in the middle of any of his interviews since he became president. Or getting in the face of his interviewer and tapping on the host’s notepad that’s sitting on his lap.

Imagine that happening with GWB. The howls of outrage would be heard from here to Aussieland. Cries of “reporter intimidation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” would fill the blogosphere, op/ed pages of the NYT, etc.

The MSM, as it stands today, almost appears to be in defense mode for the Bubbinski, barely containing their admiration for he-who-walks-on-water and his agitated, defensive appearance on Fox News – and in some cases, they are defending him. Standard operating procedure, of course, as this clip from CBS’ Early Show demonstrates.

Update I 8:33 PM: More finger pointing from Bubba – in a 2004 interview with ABC’s Peter Jennings.

Update II 9:00 PM: Here are Chris Wallace’s thoughts on the interview he did with Clinton.

Update III 9:13 PM: LOTS of searches on the search engines for the Wallace/Clinton interview. I’m getting a lot of hits for it today.


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