This will probably win George Michael a lifetime achievement award …

… or something like that. Via This Is London:

A mature, modest and (almost) scandal-free George Michael took the stage in his first solo concert in 15 years. But the pop star couldn’t resist making another controversial dig at George Bush.

At the end of the first set Michael sang his 2002 controversial anti-Bush song “Shoot the Dog.”

• Video: See George Michael perform

During the number, an enormous balloon depicting a cartoon-ish George Bush rose out of centre stage, drawing whoops and yells from the crowd. But the real surprise came when Michael leaned down to unzip the balloon’s trousers, and out popped a British bulldog draped with the UK flag. The dog was stuck to the balloon’s inflated crotch, wagging its tail.

Here’s a photo of Michael’s onstage antics:

Here are photos of Michael’s offstage antics.

If you’re looking for realism onstage, I think you’ve got the wrong George, George.

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