News and notes on the upcoming fall elections

Jim Geraghty posts a few things conservatives ought to keep in mind as we head into the 2006 elections regarding turnout, polls, and security moms.

Hugh Hewitt has a book recommendation for those who are on the fence regarding this year’s elections – and provides a reminder that it’s best for this country if we don’t have a House Speaker Pelosi.

— As always, Real Clear Politics and Election Projection are up to speed on the latest poll numbers for House and Senate races. BTW, that reminds me: have you checked out the Rightroots campaign yet? If not, now is a great time to do so.

— I mentioned in my prior post (and worth noting again) the following link from a NBC news story that discusses the very real possibility, according to new poll numbers, of the Dems taking control of the Senate. Per new polls, five Senate races are toss-ups.

— Lefty Sebastian Mallaby writes in today’s WaPo that Democrats are a party without principles and wonders if a Congress in control of the DNC is something to get excited about. (Hat tip: John Hawkins)

— How are Republicans doing on TradeSports Trading and Betting website? Allah has the latest.

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