Another good site for election/poll watchers to bookmark

National Journal’s Campaign Tracker. I especially like the 2006 Tip Sheets they have linked on the top left for House, Senate, and Governor races.

Speaking of Senate races, here are a some updates on three key races from Hotline On Call (can you tell that site is quickly becoming one of my favorites? :) ) Here’s their update on the Steele/Cardin Senate race:

1. Cardin Sees Bush, Steele Smells Trash: After sparring in their first debate 10/3 in MD, Rep. Ben Cardin (D-03) and Michael Steele (R) are attacking each other with new TV ads. Cardin ties Steele to Pres. Bush on Social Security and stem cell research, saying “On issue after issue Michael Steele stands with George Bush. I stand with you.”

Steele’s response: “Smell it? Trash from my opponent … time to take it out.” What’s more, he says “First… Ben Cardin’s team hacks into my credit report… steals my Social Security number. Oh yeah: they pled guilty in federal court. Then, the personal smears… Now he says I’m in the President’s hip pocket. Listen to me Mr. Cardin: I think for myself.”

The other two Senate races they discuss: Ford/Corker in TN and Kean/Menendez in NJ.

Update I: FYI, I’ve just added a link section on the blog for election/poll watchers, titled “Election 2006” (yeah, now THAT’S original!). I placed the section on the left hand side of the blog below the “Reader Blog” links. If you can think of a site that I should add to my “Election 2006” links, email me or post it in the comments section here and I’ll consider adding it.

Update II: Steele to Cardin Dems: Stop stalking me!

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