Misc. links on Foleygate

Submitted for your perusal:

John McIntyre debunks the myth that the alleged ‘coverup’ of Foley’s behavior had anything to do with ‘saving a House seat.’ Pat Buchanan wonders if it had anything to do with the fact that some of the key people involved are gay, implying that the GOP may have wanted to avoide the appearance of homophobia.

— House Speaker Denny Hastert, meanwhile, has vowed to fire anyone involved in trying to sweep concerns about Foley’s behavior under the rug.

— An ex-page at the center of the controversy is being questioned by the FBI regarding the extent of the online contact between him and Rep. Foley.

John Fund provides some important facts about who knew what and when, and believes that this scandal, in part, has gotten to where it is today thanks to what he calls the “staff(er) infection.”

— Rob at Say Anything asks: What Did [DCCC Chair] Rahm Emmanuel Know And When Did He Know It?

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