North Carolina election info

I’ve focused a lot of attention on national races, but wanted to take a moment to alert North Carolina readers to a few NC sites of interest you should find useful in learning more about Republican candidates running for the NC House and Senate, as well as those seeking a seat on the NC Court of Appeals and the NC Supreme Court. You’ll find the info on the judges especially useful, considering that North Carolina no longer puts the party affiliation of judges on the ballot.

Here’s a complete listing of Republican NC House, Senate, and judicial candidates. Beside each one you’ll see the little computer icon, which will take you to their webpage so you can learn more about them.

This is a separate page devoted specifically to Republican candidates for the NC Court of Appeals and NC Supreme Court. Their individual websites are listed under their names.

If you live in Mecklenburg County, as I do, here’s more info on candidates for county seats.

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