Duke lacrosse rape case has fallen apart

Betsy Newmark has a recap of recent developments in the Duke lacrosse rape case, including an interview CBS’ Ed Bradley did on 60 Minutes last night with Duke law professor James Coleman, the other dancer who was with the accuser the night of the alleged rape (her story contradicts some of the claims being made by the accuser), and the three Duke lacrosse players who stand accused.

Essentially what happened here, as La Shawn Barber notes in her lengthy piece on the case, is District Attorney Mike Nifong – the prosecutor – pandered to black people and played up the race card for all it was worth. Why? Because he was playing politics, that’s why. He wanted to get re-elected. And he did (he has no Republican opposition next month).

He could do this, of course, and get away with it because that’s how most race-baiting Democrats operate. They race bait without suffering the consequences from doing so – in fact, they’re usually rewarded time after time with re-election, just as Nifong was. This is what happens when voters are swayed by emotions via impassioned pleas from people in positions of power (and dramatic biased stories from the MSM) rather than facts.


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