Rush Limbaugh’s program yesterday on conservative bloggers and on the idea of sitting out this election to “teach” conservatives a lesson

Yesterday while on my lunch break, I happened to catch a little of Rush’s rant against conservatives (whether they be bloggers or not) who are considering sitting out the election in order to teach conservatives a lesson. I think he made some very valuable points against sitting it out, especially by noting the possible long-term consequences of sitting out this election, but you can judge for yourself by clicking here and reading what he had to say.

He’s also had to clarify the misconception that he’s at war with conservative bloggers over the issue of feeling hopeless about this election, thinking the R’s deserve to lose, and the advocation by some of sitting it out. He mentioned bloggers who are in his RSS reader, like Powerline and Malkin. I’ll forgive him for not making yours truly one of his daily reads – maybe one day he’ll find out that the very first post I composed here was a vigorous defense of one of the biggest controversies he’s faced as a broadcaster: The Rush Limbaugh – Donovan McNabb flapola ;)

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