Loser of the week: Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. crashes Bob Corker’s news conference

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. - Loser of the WeekIn an unbelievable display of chutzpah yesterday, Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. showed up uninvited at a scheduled media event for his opponent Bob Corker and the cameras were rolling. You can see video of the event here and media coverage of it here. Here’s the AP write-up on the showdown in Tennessee. I wonder how much attention the national media will give this? If it were the other way around, I’m betting we’d have seen a lot more coverage of it. Just a thought …

Anyway, I think Ford, Jr. has just taken political grandstanding to new heights (or lows, if you think about it). In the video, you’ll see that he acts like he has had to ‘track’ Corker down, implying that Corker is afraid to debate him, when it’s just the opposite: they debated on October 7th and they’ll be debating again in a week.

Another little fib Ford told in his confronation with Corker – in response to Corker’s assertion that Ford’s act was a sign of desperation – is that the Ford campaign is supposedly polling ahead consistently in all the polls he’s seen. Well, Ford is either lying or his campaign staff has kept him out of the loop on the polls, which show the mostly slim leads going back and forth between the two. The most recent Zogby poll taken, by the way, shows Corker with a 7 point lead. After this little stunt, that lead may increase by several points, if Tennessee voters are turned off by Ford’s lack of campaign style and grace. This is something You Just Don’t Do.

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