Obsessed banned poster watch

(Warning: some strong language ahead. Not safe to read around the kids)

Some revolting little creatures out there just cannot get enough of harassing yours truly. I know it comes with the territory, but all the same, sometime it’s a little unsettling to continually get vicious messages written to me by the same obsessed person in an attempt to have them posted on the blog. Back in May, I blogged about one such loser, who uses the name “Evil Progressive” – here’s what he attempted to post back then:

ST, the doughy-faced little fascist, deletes every post that could possibly make people think.

Not only that, the little twerp is so insecure, and so adverse to contadictory views, that she once threatened to report me! To the NSA perhaps? For exercizing my freedom of speech? Because I always have rational counter-arguments to her idiotic and bigoted posts?

So, erase this one again, dear. You are still among the 29% of mentally-deranged and intellectually-deficient who supports this banana republic government.

Threaten me again, little moron, and you’ll hear from my lawyers. Bring it on, little coackroach! We’ll squash you financially out of existence. You’ll be paying defense attorney fees for the rest of your miserable and worthless existence.

Of course, you will probably post selective parts of this, as you have been known to do in the past to get sympathy. Go right ahead, you’ll be sued into oblivion. Can you read “libel”?

Here’s what he wrote to me today:

Sister Asswipe does not know anything about Parkinson’s disease.

It is the medication, you moronic idiot, that makes people affected with Parkinson’s shake the way they do.

If they do not take their medication, you moronic twit, they are totally stiff and cannot move or speak.

Your revolting doughy, obese, appearance, is a perfect manifestation of your disgusting, crassly ignorant, abysmally stupid, personality.

I won’t even call you a pig. Pigs are intelligent creatures. You are a noxious lower form of life.

Here’s are some other messages (which I’ve saved) that he’s attempted to post on this blog as well:

March 12, 2006:

Gee! The little shit deleted the relevant posts so as to confuse her already abysmally ignorant “public”.

Typical Kool-Aid head reaction…

The Kool-Aid heads are sticking close to their Dear Leader’s “How to Destroy America’s Democracy” handbook.

The little piece of crap threatened to “report” me. To whom? Her right-wing militia?

“Bring it on”. I cannot wait for you, maggot, to sic your goons on me, just like your spiritual advisors — Bill Hysterical O’Reilly and Fat Slob pill-head Limbaugh., have threatened to do.

You’ll be in court facing harassment charges so fast that you’ll not realize what hit you.

You will lose, moron. And I’ll keep you in court until you cry uncle. That means until you face bankruptcy from all these legal fees…

March 12, 2006

ST deleted my post again.

Since she does it with a lag, here is again my question: why is it that you people crucify black men for fathering children out of wedlock and abandoning men but you think it is all right for whites to do the same?

ST, Keep whatever you want for safekeeping and future use. You made one gigantic mistake by once threatening to report me for exercizing my freedom of speech. That is harassment. You are now on my radar screen. There is nothing that I would like more than drag you into court and keep you there for the next
half-century. Pieces of shit like you need to be taught a good lesson.

May 28, 2006:

Watch the rotting carrion getting all teary-eyed.

The piece of crap has, of course, no compassion for the one-year-old and other children who were massacred in November by some Marines who ran amok in Iraq. They wiped out old people, women, and children, out of sick revenge.

But the Sister cheers them up, like the scumbag that she is. For the Sister, the only good Arab is a dead Arab.

ST is the poster child for abortion on demand. Had her parents known what kind of psychopathic monster they had sired, I am sure they would have aborted her. Hopefully, that repugnant creature is past the age of reproduction.

June 2, 2006:

Don’t count on the idiot ST to see the light any time soon, despite what she is writing (sic!) about Carter. She is a sociopath so she would not be able to recognize goodness in human nature if she tripped over it.

ST is a perfect little Nazi; obey orders, repeat talking points, be blindly obedient to the Fuhrer.

Why Daou links to her fetid tripe, I do not know. She is one of the worst pieces of trash I have ever come across in the blogosphere. And the rightnutter blog world is really a cesspool.

June 3, 2006:

Hey Dumb Shit!

Afraid of a little controversy on your cesspool blog?

Your dumb, doughy, head is so far up Bush’s ass that the Presidential shit is clogging up whatever brain you ever had.

You are a nasty little Nazi. You should really be locked up for inciting violence and racist acts given the filth and venom you spill on your blog.

How do federal charges sound to you, you, miserable piece of crap?

Despite your effforts to turn this country into a dictatorship, the DOJ is still investigating hate crimes, along with people who are likely to commit them. That means you, ST!

Like the good little Nazi that she is, she will delete my post.

I made the mistake of cleaning up my blacklist, deleting a few IP #s I had posted there for a while, assuming the IPs I deleted were people who had hopefully decided to leave me and my readers alone.

“Censoring” these types of comments are what routinely gets me labelled as a “censoring right wing bitch who doesn’t allow dissenting opinions on her blog.”

I have a message for EP, and punks like him who think they can intimidate me into giving up blogging:

IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Your attempts at trying to scare and intimidate me only fuel my desire to continue posting day in and day out on the issues I feel passionately about. You will NOT silence me.


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