Rep. Harold Ford admits to being at Playboy party, and his dad calls white man a “cracker” (Update: It was “tracker” not “cracker”)

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. - Loser of the Week Last week’s loser of the week Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., who is in a tight race with Republican Bob Corker for Bill Frist’s Senate seat, stepped in it again today with the admission that he did indeed attend a Playboy party – something he had previously denied. All of this makes this Corker ad all the more humorous – and right on target. Ford’s defense? He said “I like football and I like girls” (I think it was a SuperBowl party). That’s all well and good, of course, but when you’re a Representative in the US Congress, you’re supposed to act like one.

His father, Harold Ford, Sr. a former Tennessee state Congressman, didn’t help matters when he was caught by Fox News calling a white man (who was apparently a Corker supporter) a “cracker.”

This has been a bad past few days for the Ford campaign. Will it impact his standing in the polls? Stay tuned …

For the record, this is the only Ford I support.

Update I – 10:15 PM: Greg Tinti has video of Chris Matthews’ “non-partisan” analysis of the Playboy ad being run against Harold Ford, Jr.

Update II – 11:40 PM: Just re-watched the video of Ford, Sr. as several people at Hot Air commented that Ford, Sr. said “tracker” not “cracker.” Sure enough, if you listen closely, he does say tracker. My sincere apologies to Ford, Sr. for the error.

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