NYT writes a second endorsement for Ned Lamont – cites “growing sophistication about the issues” as a factor

With Nutroots candidate Ned Lamont’s campaign going nowhere fast, the NYT is pulling out all the stops in order to try and help him gain some momentum in the polls, going into the elections in just over a week. The latest poll taken in the CT Senate race shows Lieberman with a 12 point lead. Quinnipac has him up by 17.

To show their support, earlier this week the NYT published a hit piece on Senator Lieberman – two weeks before the election. And now, in addition to their first endorsement of Lamont, which they published in late July before the CT primary, they’ve posted a second endorsement of Lamont here. Check out this hilarious snippet:

Mr. Lieberman has changed his tone but not his underlying conviction that he has been right all along. He and Mr. Bush are still on the very same page, encouraging the American people to believe that there is a happy ending for American involvement in Iraq, and that all it takes is the perseverance to keep marching toward the end of the rainbow.

Translation: Shame on Joe Lieberman for not wanting to cut and run!

Ned Lamont has run a far less polished campaign than Mr. Lieberman, but the more we see of him, the more impressed we are by his intelligence and his growing sophistication about the issues facing the nation.

LOL – “growing sophistication about the issues facing the nation”? The NYT is too much sometimes. In this critical time in history as the war on terror is being waged, the NYT endorses someone who they feel has a “growing sophistication” about the issues facing the nation, rather than someone who has served for years in Congress. Apparently to the NYT, it’s ok to not have the experience you need to serve in the US Senate, as long as your beliefs and theirs mesh. And, assuming you get elected to the Senate, yours and the NYT’s meshing beliefs can grow – together.

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