What impact will Kerry’s comments have on this election – and McCain’s presidential aspirations

Jim Geraghty at NRO speculates:

I’m sure there are a lot of conservatives out there who have a bone or two to pick with Sen. John McCain. Campaign finance, prisoner treatment, his buddy-buddy relationship with Jon Stewart and Esquire magazine, etc…

But if this Kerry thing dominates the last week of the campaign, a big reason is going to because the Media’s Favorite Republican refused to provide cover to Kerry. Instead, as Byron [York] reports, he’s body-slamming Kerry. Hard.

If 2006 turns out to be a not-that-bad year for Republicans, and this story is credited with being a crucial late factor, then McCain – who already has a lot of Republicans owing him favors for helping them out on the campaign trail – is probably going to get a lot more conservatives saying, “You know, McCain might not be such a bad party man after all…”

What do you think?

Update I – 9:59 AM: Speaking of Kerry, Stop The ACLU has video of Don Imus telling Kerry to shut up and go windsurfing – LOL :))

Update II – 10:06 AM: MEGA-OUCH! (Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)

Update III – 11:21 AM: The RNC has released an ad asking Kerry to apologize.

Update IV – 11:40 AM: Some Democratic candidates for Congress are now calling on Kerry to apologize.

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