Missouri: ACORN workers indicted on charges of voter fraud as a result of as many as 15,000 questionable voter registrations

The Kansas City Star reports:

A federal grand jury handed up indictments Wednesday against four people for allegedly submitting false voter registrations to the Kansas City election board.

The indictments — against Kwaim A. Stenson; Dale D. Franklin; Stephanie L. Davis, also known as Latisha Reed; and Brian Gardner — include two felony counts against each, the U.S. attorney’s office said.


“I think that our system is working because we caught these people” Andrew Ginsberg, head organizer for Kansas City ACORN, said in an interview. “Sometimes people cheat, whether they make eight dollars an hour or eight million an hour.”

This is, by the way, part of a national investigation into the liberal ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration activities, which have been well documented.

More from the KC Star (emphasis added):

Claudie Harris, board president for Kansas City ACORN, said the indictments do not taint the 35,000 other voter registrations submitted by ACORN in Kansas City this year. “I think we’re doing a great job” she said.

Kansas City’s Republican election director, Ray James, said the indictments could help maintain public trust in the election process.

“I hate for anyone to be prosecuted and suffer” James said. “But I’ve long been concerned about the rights of the general public to a fair election.”

James and his Democratic counterpart, Sharon Turner Buie, have said that as many as 15,000 recently submitted voter registrations could be “questionable” — which they define as duplicates, unreadable applications, or containing information that doesn’t match other existing records.

Last week the board chairwoman, Melodie Powell, said the board had turned over the investigation of the questionable cards to local and federal authorities.

ACORN has said that some of its applications may have contained honest mistakes. But it also says some of the problems may be political.

“I think if we had registered 35,000 Republicans, none of this would have been in the news” Ginsberg said.

Isn’t that a trip? ACORN’s been caught in fraudulent registrations – again – and the head organizer for ACORN takes a partisan potshot at Republicans, which tells us what we need to know about his party affiliation. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Gateway Pundit is blogging about this and has a link up to a KMBC story that has been updated since his post.

Dan Riehl plays 6 Degrees to Claire McCaskill here and here. As much as I don’t like her, I don’t think she’s involved in anything nefarious with ACORN, but Dan’s posts do provide some interesting reading nevertheless.

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