Poor, Poor Kos

He’s upset that Joe Lieberman released an ad that speaks that good ol’ fashioned “thruth to power” the nutroots like to claim they cherish so much.

Kos says:

Lieberman doesn’t like me or this site.

Uhm…he’s not the only one, pally.

Can’t you just picture him crying into his cup of latte, of frappe, or whatever it is they drink out there on the left coast? This election is going to make him about 0-20 or something like that, and Kos is rapidly becoming a big joke when it comes to politics. Yeah, they helped win Lamont the primary, but trust me, that was nothing to brag about. It turned a solid Democrat seat into a solid Independent seat. Which is fine by me. :)

Here’s the PDF file if you care to look. He calls it an attack ad. I call it the truth. I guess we’ll just agree (ahem) to disagree on that.

And yes…I get sick to my stomach at the mere thought of linking to Kos (he needs traffic like I need breast implants), but I think I just about have to with this one. :)

Brian runs the website Iowa Voice, and is filling in for ST for a few days.

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