Kos Thug Arrested [Update: Not Arrested…detained]

Seems he went out and took that Air America press pass for a spin…and got busted:

Allen supporters know Stark from an incident in Charlottesville earlier this week, where the liberal blogger was tackled and carried out by Allen fans, after shouting a question, and reportedly getting aggressive.

And today, Stark wanted to take care of unfinished business from that incident, asking the Senator about something he allegedly said.

“He said that he wanted to knock the soft teeth down the whiny liberals throats,” Stark cites. “And I wanted to ask the Senator if that’s why he didn’t stop his campaign aides and supporters from beating me down at the last event”

But Stark didn’t get to ask that question. Instead, he says, he saw Allen supporters conspiring against him to get him thrown out.

“The kid that was standing in front of me came flying into the picture, barely brushed my tricep here, and then took a dive,” Stark claims.

Stark was immediately cuffed, carried out, and held until the Allen supporter, that ended up on the ground, said he wouldn’t press charges.

Stark says his goal with these spectacles is to ask the tough questions that aren’t being asked…

You remember our little friend from a few days ago, when he was claiming that they assaulted him for no reason and it turned out that they were protecting Allen from what they deemed (rightly so) to be a hostile threat to the Senator. I mean, if you have some nutjob shoving and pushing people around, trying to get at an elected official, wouldn’t you be concerned? I’d like to see him try that kind of behavior around the Secret Service…regardless of WHO the President is, they’d bust his chops so quick, it’d make his pointy-head spin.

In any case, he’s crying about it yet again, that they’re trying to stiffle his freedom of speech. Because as we know, no liberal has ever tried to do that to a conservative. You know, we’ve never seen any pies or condiments thrown on our people. No lefty activist has never rushed the stage. Nothing like that has ever happened before, so why on earth would conservatives want to react like this to a perfectly harmless guy?

Ok, ok. I almost made it through that last bit with a straight face, but not quite. =D

It’s simple: you act like a thug, you get treated like a thug. You know the old saying, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar (or whatever it was that Grandma used to say). It applies to politics and the press, as well. If this guy wants answers, he should stop the running around like an amateur Oswald and instead politely get in line and then politely ask his questions. Doesn’t mean it will get answered, but if he keeps up his behavior, not only will his questions not be answered, he’s going to go to jail for stalking.

But at least we know their tactics: go out, make a scene, get arrested, then cry about it to the press how Republicans are just so mean and nasty. “All I wanted to do was ask him a simple question….boo-hoo….” Quite a way to engage in politics, eh? But this is the Kos Krowd, and we’ve come to expect nothing less from them. If we did something like this to Webb, they’d be up in arms about it.

AllahPundit has more…including links to the pics.

Brian runs the website Iowa Voice, and is filling in for ST for a few days.

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