Election 2006: Voting machine issues, allegations of fraud scattered all over the country

Allah and Michelle are on top of the latest developments concerning voting machine issues and allegations of voter intimidation and suppression in several states (more here and here from MM).

Drudge also has a link roundup of voting issues at the top of his page. Election day is half over, folks, so I’m wondering if/when we’ll be seeing some exit poll numbers popping up soon. Keep in mind, though, that when you start reading exit polls treat them with a grain of salt, because we remember what happened in 2004 with exit polls that were horribly off (which I noted in an earlier post). Learn more about exit polls and how they work here.

In other misc. election day news, SC Governor Mark Sanford was turned away from his polling place– because he forgot to bring his ID with him. Correction: The ID he had with him initially was “insufficient.”

Update I: The same thing happened to Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot. Correction: same as the last correction. I’ve really got to stop reading these stories so fast! ;)

Update II: ROTFL!

Update III: Orson Scott Card, NC Democrat, writes about how Democrats should not be given control of Congress because they cannot be trusted to make the right decisions in the War on Terror.

Update IV: MKH has more linkage to allegations of voter fraud/suppression/intimidation.

Update V: Wish I was there!

Update VI: MSNBC’s got a cool elections-central page. Check it out.

Update VII: Good catch! Ian remembers how the Dems in 2004 advocated “pre-emptive” strikes against voter intimidation, even though no voter intimidation had been alleged to have taken place where they were advocating the “pre-emption.”

I referenced that tactic in this post back in October 2004, which I’ll repeat:

If Bush wins, it means the election has been stolen

…… see if you get that same impression from the comments of Eric Holder, who is on the DNC’s “Election Task Force” and is also a former Clinton admin guy:

Discussing a Democratic National Committee memo calling for local party members to complain “preemptively” about voter intimidation, Holder said, “If every vote is allowed to be cast, and if every vote is counted, John Kerry will be president within a day of that election.”

After his comment spurred some laughter, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said, “Well, I don’t know how you can guarantee that.” But Holder just responded, “You heard it right here. If every vote is allowed to be cast and every vote is counted, John Kerry will be president.”

Here’s the original link to Drudge’s reporting of the DNC memo on “pre-emption.”

Update VIII: California voters: My buddy Cal at California Conservative has a handy dandy Republican voter election guide posted that you may find helpful.

Update 9: Check out Frank Luntz’s voter guide for the races to watch tonight. This is somewhat similar to the guide I posted from John Fund in the election day open thread.

Update 10: I’m hearing reports here in Charlotte that some people who are trying to vote straight Republican ticket are seeing all Dem candidates checked when they reviewed their ballots.

Update 11: Sounds like similar things are happening in PA.

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